Universal Basic Income (UBI) in our opinion is the imperative that as a society we should put in the individual effort to ensure no other individual suffers from a lack of basic access to clean water and food (to prevent starvation), and shelter (to avoid freezing to death). To do this we must ensure that there is a fundamental, unconditional or universal income floor for every individual in society as a right for basic needs such as clean water, food, and shelter.

Our first sale ever was on January 15th, 2017 from Karl in New England USA who states:  "I am a retail manager- 54 years old- it is time for Basic Income to remove the chronic insecurity for our people and free them up to grow and contribute in new and different ways."

How does UBIsticker.com work?

Every order from UBISticker.com not only goes to support the efforts of creating and shipping new designs and old sticker designs alike but also to help encourage UBI implementation and pilot programs, it also goes to support some of those who are working hard every day to push the UBI conversation forward, namely http://twitter.com/scottsantens and very soon those who have taken the BIG pledge via Patreon.com donations.

The more stickers you order, the more we can help fund the conversations happening around UBI all over the world. Our first major goal is to raise enough funds to form UBIsticker.com into non-profit that helps fund other UBI projects globally. Anyone who supports the idea of UBI is a friend of ours, so please follow us at http://twitter.com/UBISticker so that we may follow you back.

Where can I learn more about UBI/BIG?

What's the latest? - https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2017/01/why-we-should-all-have-a-basic-income

Where is the evidence for UBI? —https://www.reddit.com/r/basicincome/wiki/index#wiki_that.27s_all_very_well.2C_but_where.27s_the_evi...

You can learn a ton about UBI from this FAQ: —https://www.reddit.com/r/basicincome/wiki/index#wiki_basic_income_faq.2Fwiki

There's an extensive reading list located here: —

How can I support UBI? What can I do?

Learn how to get involved here: —https://www.reddit.com/r/BasicIncome/wiki/support#wiki_what_can_i_do_to_support_basic_income.3F
http://reddit.com/r/basicincome: —"It's been shown that ideas spread most effectively from family members and friends, so start talking about Basic Income to everyone you know!" — "A good place to start would be to join one of the many advocacy groups around the world, or join a city-level meetup group." — "It's also very simple to contact your local politician or local newspaper to press the case for Basic Income or an article on the subject." — "You can also advocate for Basic Income online by using the #BasicIncome hashtag and sharing updates from these social media accounts." Join a Facebook group here: http://basicincome-europe.org/overview-established-facebook-pages-basic-income/

We also recommend you follow and retweet UBI updates from http://twitter.com/scottsantens and others on UBI twitter lists such as this - https://twitter.com/stuartml/lists/universal-basic-income/members

What are the common misunderstandings about UBI?
Why are they misunderstandings?

How will we pay for it?
- according to some recent estimates, we could actually save money by implementing a UBI: https://www.reddit.com/r/basicincome/wiki/index#wiki_how_would_you_pay_for_it.3F

"The poor are poor because they make idiotic choices!"
- this is called black & white thinking, where there is only right or wrong and nothing in between. The reality is that each of our circumstances stems from a multitude of choices along the passage of time and each choice can be influenced by others. People can be lied to. Yes we can make poor choices, but "no man is an island".

"It's nothing but a handout!" -
this implies that handouts are negative, but in the context of reducing suffering, is it really negative?

"It will cause inflation!" - In short, this is a misunderstanding: https://medium.com/basic-income/wouldnt-unconditional-basic-income-just-cause-massive-inflation-fe71...

"it's communism!"
- In short, NO. It is not:https://www.reddit.com/r/BasicIncome/wiki/index#wiki_isn.27t_this_communism.3F

"Jobs bring pride, a job guarantee is better!"
- a job guarantee is a misunderstanding of the motivations of obtaining an income in the first place. Right now, there are people who work and are proud of the work, while there are others who are forced to work without much choice - and are hardly proud of what they do. There is a misunderstanding related to the differences in initial motivations related to obtaining an income: ie. to merely survive vs. obtaining an income to defeat competition vs. motivations beyond income such as athletes or musicians. Besides that, who will decide what job is right for complex individuals as each of us are?

There are many more questions answered here: http://www.scottsantens.com/basic-income-faq


MORE ABOUT UBIsticker.com:

UBIsticker.com creates great quality Universal Basic Income stickers to help accelerate and promote the idea, discussion, and implementation of UBI around the world. UBI stickers feature either simple UBI designs or hashtag stickers to help drive conversations around the idea of implementing UBI, wherever they are placed. The decals are removable and can be placed on laptops, tablets, cars, tables, windows, doors, fridges, and other positions without damaging the surface. Place them at home, at the office, at your restaurant or place of business, or anywhere you'd like to encourage the idea to spread. At UBIsticker.com we believe in making the world a better place for everyone through the implementation of a Universal Basic Income. To learn more about UBI visit http://reddit.com/r/basicincome or follow our favorite UBI champion http://twitter.com/scottsantens - UBI is a foundational upgrade for the modern world, a new social contract that will lift every human up. UBI brings people together from all over the world who may have different opinions and views and offers a ground that all can agree on. If you support the idea of UBI then please, buy a sticker and help promote further discussion surrounding UBI.

Who started UBIsticker and why? ~Support my work on http://www.patreon.com/stuartm~

I first learned of UBI on reddit.com/r/basicincome. My name is Stuart and you can follow me at http://twitter.com/stuartml - I started UBIsticker in January 2017 after doing my own extensive research on the matter in late 2015 and during the entirety of 2016. Outside of my daily routines- I spent most of 2016 investigating all sides of the idea. Since I first learned about UBI I began to attempt to get to the very bottom of why it isn't already implemented. The idea behind understanding the roots of why UBI isn't already implemented helps me understand it's necessity. I came to the realization that UBI is the imperative "next step" for societies across the globe. There are many misconceptions and arguments that are against UBI of which I have discovered that nearly each and every one comes from misunderstandings of core elements of human habit, cultural differences, and the social, political, and economical structures that exist in our current society. In late 2016 I learned that Scott Santens had created http://reddit.com/r/basicincome and has a twitter account at http://twitter.com/scottsantens - Scott has inspired me to be more active and vocal regarding the idea as well as using my experience in decals, designs, and digital marketing to help push the UBI conversation forward.

I will be spending 2017 formulating one or more essays regarding my findings and publishing them, creating new sticker designs, and creating new graphics to support UBI.

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