I participated in Basic Income Day 2017, May 1st. Commemorative sticker.

This is a small 3.5inch by 2inch sticker with rounded corners and a simple blue on white design to commemorate this years important 2017 worldwide thunderclap and event.... where we built up a social reach of 1,324,636 accounts, and helped raise awareness for "#BasicIncome" on social networks.


Sales from these stickers will go mostly into promoting this info resource:


As well as be placed into a small fund to help kick-off drumming up support for making next years thunderclap far, far bigger, inspired by the BIG Patreon Pledge: http://basicincome.org/news/2014/10/international-basic-income-advocate-founds-the-big-patreon-creat... 

With your purchases here on UBIsticker and this commemorative sticker, soon I will be creating potentially free (smaller but similar) stickers to boost a pledge-campaign along the line of encouraging folks to take a pledge similar to the one at http://economicsecurityproject.org - More details will be announced on http://twitter.com/UBIsticker - I am hoping to create a pledge-counter to keep track. However, will try to keep things interesting and not annoyingly broadcast pledge-drive like the radio does. Thank you for your consideration and participation!

*Please note, shipping is not included in the $1 cost of each commemorative sticker.