NAVY BLUE - 8" x 2" #BasicIncome Hashtag Removable Sticker (BOLD WHITE text on NAVY BLUE)

This long-lasting 8"x2" is a small Hashtag removable sticker best suited for LAPTOPS and TABLETS but goes great on just about any smooth flat surface! It's also the most affordable option here on UBIsticker.com

Features a UV protective glossy outer layer and high quality (non-blurry) print. It is suitable to place on equipment such as laptops or vehicles such as cars or trucks. It is suitable to place on any smooth flat surface such as windows, doors, or glass. It is completely removable but it has a strong, long-lasting stick. It is suitable for placement indoors or outdoors. Because of the strong material utilized it can withstand the elements such as rain, snow, or dry heat in the sun. The goal of this decal is to encourage conversation around the topic #basicincome on limited communication platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc...


Universal Basic Income (UBI) in our opinion is the imperative that as a society we should put in the individual effort to ensure no other individual suffers from a lack of basic access to clean water and food (to prevent starvation), and shelter (to avoid freezing to death). To do this we must ensure that there is a fundamental, unconditional or universal income floor for every individual in society as a right for basic needs such as clean water, food, and shelter.


UBIsticker.com creates great quality Universal Basic Income stickers to help accelerate and promote the idea, discussion, and implementation of UBI around the world. UBI stickers feature either simple UBI designs or hashtag stickers to help drive conversations around the idea of implementing UBI, wherever they are placed. The decals are removable and can be placed on laptops, tablets, cars, tables, windows, doors, fridges, and other positions without damaging the surface. Place them at home, at the office, at your restaurant or place of business, or anywhere you'd like to encourage the idea to spread. At UBIsticker.com we believe in making the world a better place for everyone through the implementation of a Universal Basic Income. To learn more about UBI visit http://reddit.com/r/basicincome or follow our favorite UBI champion http://twitter.com/scottsantens - UBI is a foundational upgrade for the modern world, a new social contract that will lift every human up. UBI brings people together from all over the world who may have different opinions and views and offers a ground that all can agree on. If you support the idea of UBI then please, buy a sticker and help promote further discussion surrounding UBI.

Every order from UBISticker.com not only goes to support the efforts of creating and shipping new stickers to help encourage UBI implementation and pilot programs, but it also goes to support some of those who are working hard every day to push the UBI conversation forward, namely http://twitter.com/scottsantens and those who have taken the BIG pledge via Patreon.com donations. The more stickers you order, the more we can help fund the conversations happening around UBI all over the world. Our first major goal is to raise enough funds to form UBIsticker.com into non-profit that helps fund other UBI projects globally. Anyone who supports the idea of UBI is a friend of ours, so please follow us at http://twitter.com/UBISticker so that we may follow you back.


We are located in California and create each sticker by hand in our small office, we carefully prepare each one, place it in a protected/padded shipping envelope, prepare the postage and mail it to your location either in the USA or wherever you are on the planet. We have three different shipping options right now, namely Priority (USA), First-Class without tracking (cost-effective), Priority International with Tracking, or International without tracking (cost-effective). Depending on where you are located, it can take anywhere between 3-12 days to arrive. For domestic shipping it can be 3-5 days at most. Rest assured that in the rare occurrence that you have troubles receiving your items we will apply all our efforts to ensure that you receive them. If you are in a rush due to an event, we ask that you please plan ahead accordingly and order at least 1 month before your event to avoid any unforeseen weather or shipping-related complications. If you absolutely have to have them quicker we recommend using the Priority International method.  Returns: if you have troubles with your items in any way, please let us know contact@ubisticker.com and keep your items. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund, all that we ask is how we can improve. 

UBIsticker.com GOAL:

Goal: To Accelerate and Encourage the Discussion and Implementation of UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) Around the World.

To learn more about UBIsticker.com and UBI visit the about page at http://ubisticker.com/page/about

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